A downloadable sacrifice

They say the devil will make work of idle hands.

You are [Ṟ̸̡̌̓̈́E̶̺̰͕̐̆D̶̝́̏Ă̴̻̱̓̚C̶̡͇̯̿T̷̡͔̈́E̷̫̕͘D̸̤̝͒͜]. 

You have no recollection of who you are. 

Of where you are.

You just know you have to do one thing.


Inspired by the heart of the 80s, along with boomer-shooters and a love of demons. 

Beware The Beast is a timed, 5 minute long experience of killing, surviving, and escaping.

Music kindly authorized by Carpenter Brut.


  1. Download .zip
  2. Unzip at desired location (Preferably in its own folder)
  3. Open the 'BEWARE THE BEAST' application

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Not a bad game, but there's some things to consider-- like the jank. For example, enemy collision is hit or miss, and I find myself dying because of either an enemy that phased past me and hit me later, or just because.

Second, I don't know how you're supposed to replenish ammo. I had to make do with the sword after the initial needle gun romp, and that only got me so far.

Third, the filter's kinda nice but it's somewhat... "harsh"? My eyes had to adjust back to reality after I quit the game, for instance.

Doesn't mean that the game is bad, I mean I love the visual style and the fake advertisements you put in there! Really gives it character. And I also love the music and already-- can't get it out of my head.

I hope I didn't come across as harsh or mean, and I'm genuinely looking forward to what you make in the future.